About Scroll Versions

Scroll Content Management

The smart and social way to write and manage documentation: Get your team involved with Confluence and Scroll Content Management, and stay in control of your content.


Before you start authoring content, follow these easy steps:

  1. Create a Space for Your Documentation

    First things first: Create a new space for your documentation, or select an existing space.

  2. Set-up Scroll Content Management

    Activate the modules you want to use. Assign user groups to roles. Define your Page Naming Strategy.

  3. Create New Versions

    Create Versions and how they are related to each other.

  4. Define your Variants

    Define conditions and attributes to work with variants.

  5. Choose your Languages

    Choose between 150 languages to globalize your content.

Create Space  or  Select existing Space

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Learn more about the concepts and first steps of Scroll Translations here: Getting Started.


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