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  1. client_logpath

    Synopsis client_logpath = path When this specifies a valid path to the qube job logs, the client utilities will read the job logs directly off the network, rather than…
    QubeJan 05, 2015
  2. supervisor_logfile

    Synopsis supervisor_logfile = path Path is used to specify the single log file for the supervisor's internal operations. This is not the same as supervisor_logpath which…
    QubeJan 06, 2015
  3. supervisor_logpath

    Synopsis supervisor_logpath = path Path is used to specify the log directory to use to store job log data as well as individual host and user histories. This is further…
    QubeJan 06, 2015
  4. supervisor_pidfile

    Synopsis supervisor_pidfile = path Path is where the Supervisor writes the process ID for the main controlling process. Example supervisor_pidfile = /tmp/supepid…
    QubeJan 06, 2015
  5. worker_pidfile

    Synopsis worker_pidfile = path Path is where the Worker writes down the process ID to the main controlling process. _worker_bootstrap_parameter Example worker_pidfile…
    QubeJan 06, 2015
  6. supervisor_manifest

    Synopsis supervisor_manifest = path path were the manifest log is located. This log contains all events concerning jobs and their actions. The format is similar to the job…
    QubeMay 31, 2018

    (): print ' [options]' print 'where [options] are:' print '\t--archive : path to existing job archive (job.xja)' print '\t--backend : path to backend…
    Qube / … / HelloworldOct 15, 2014
  8. Command Line Submission

    exists an executable called qubeSubmission[_console.exe]. Based on the OS, the default path is: Windows:C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\qubeArtistView\qubeSubmission_console.exe OS X…
    QubeMay 23, 2018
  9. supervisor_queue_algorithm

    "Perl" or "Internal") of the algorithm, and library is the actual library (path to the custom Perl algorithm file, or "cluster", "priority", or "queue" for internal built…
    QubeJan 06, 2015
  10. In-app submission not showing up with the latest Max jobtype.

    . If the QubeGUI (qube.exe) cannot be found, then no dialog will come up. If this happens, it is likely a path issue. From the commandline, type "qube.exe". If the GUI does not come…
    QubeOct 15, 2014