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  1. supervisor_queue_algorithm

    "Perl" or "Internal") of the algorithm, and library is the actual library (path to the custom Perl algorithm file, or "cluster", "priority", or "queue" for internal built…
    QubeJan 06, 2015
  2. In-app submission not showing up with the latest Max jobtype.

    . If the QubeGUI (qube.exe) cannot be found, then no dialog will come up. If this happens, it is likely a path issue. From the commandline, type "qube.exe". If the GUI does not come…
    QubeOct 15, 2014
  3. _SimpleCMD_ParametersNuke

    Nuke Specific Parameters 2 - primary parameters.png Nuke Version Select version numbers and the Worker OS to use. Nuke path Explicit path to Nuke executable. Because…
    QubeNov 05, 2014
  4. Python job submission with agenda based timeout

    = qb.submit(j) for s in submitted: print('submitted job %d' % s.get("id")) If "qbping" is not in your system PATH env var, then you may have to specify the full path
    QubeOct 13, 2020
  5. _SimpleCMD_ParametersAfterEffects

    Qube! to look for After Effects on the Worker. For the non-AppFinder (bottom) version, this is the explicit path to the executable. Note that in this case, it will be OS-dependent…
    QubeNov 05, 2014
  6. Installing job types

    \types Linux: /usr/local/pfx/qube/types OS X: /Applications/pfx/qube/types Because Qube is designed to be flexible, the administrator has the option to relocate the type's path
    QubeOct 21, 2014
  7. How do I backup the Supervisor?

    for Linux: Backup: pg_dumpall -p 50055 -U pfx > /some/path/to/backup.dump Restore: /usr/local/pfx/qube/utils/pgsql/ --erase /usr/local/pfx/pgsql/bin/psql -p 50055…
    QubeAug 16, 2018

    # # ====================================================== import os, sys # Make sure that qb module is in the python path if 'QBDIR' in os.environ: sys.path.append('%s/api/python' % os.environ…
    Qube / … / PythonOct 15, 2014
  9. Job Structure

    " will have discrete strings for each agenda item that will be run at a command prompt (e.g. "dir", "ls", "cinema4D -frame 1 5 1 -render /path/to/file.c4d"). A job with type "maya…
    QubeJan 13, 2015
  10. Log Rotation

    The script Windows Setup Enabling log rotation on Windows requires that the Python programming language be installed and in the System SEARCH PATH. The easiest way…
    QubeNov 19, 2018