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  1. How to add a Qube! Button to After Effects

    ($.fileName)).path) var QubeIcon= new Folder(folderLocIcon.parent) var QubeIconLoc = new File(QubeIcon.fsName + "/Qube.png") var res = "group…
    QubeSep 22, 2017
  2. Common Errors & Warnings

    /Errors based around incorrect file/executable locations -sh: path/to/wrong/location: No such file or directory ERROR: exit status: 127 This is a very common error that usually…
    QubeFeb 01, 2017
  3. _SimpleCMD_ParametersMaya

    Parameters Specific to Maya 6 - scene and dir.png Scenefile Path to Maya scene (required). Browse for or enter manually the location of the scene file to be rendered…
    QubeNov 05, 2014
  4. Job Submission Dialog

    Count control the reservations value will automatically update. Parameters for Cmdline Jobs Command: The command to run on the Worker. Paths and syntax should be what the Worker's…
    QubeJul 08, 2017
  5. Basic python job submission I. Single command

    the Qube API. If the path to the qb module # is not in $PATH or $PYTHONPATH, we will attempt to find it by looking in known # locations try: import qb except ImportError…
    QubeOct 13, 2020
  6. Callback execution environment

    file paths referenced in the callback code should be valid on the supervisor host. Print statements in callbacks are output to the *.cb file in the job's log directory.…
    QubeOct 15, 2014
  7. proxy_location

    Synopsis proxy_location = path This specifies the physical location of the proxy application. It can be used to replace the proxy, or to specify where the proxy…
    QubeJan 05, 2015
  8. _SimpleCMD_ParametersVRED

    Parameters Specific to VRED paramsVRED.png VRED Paths VRED product type Allows the job to find the right version of VRED executable on each Worker. Defaults…
    QubeFeb 01, 2017
  9. Katana Job Submission

    UI is accessed through the AV Submit menu: katana_av_ui.png There are three required parameters: Katana path - can be built with the "Katana Version" widget or selected directly…
    QubeFeb 01, 2017
  10. Worker Drive Mounting

    . On Windows, UNC paths are recommended. Make sure that the user that the Worker processes use to run the jobs have permissions to access these network file systems. The OS X AFP mounting…
    QubeJan 14, 2015