The in-application submission not showing up with the latest Max jobtype when selecting the menu item. Also the QubeGUI launching from within Max is not working either. What's going on and how does one fix this?

    The new in-application submission for the 3ds Max jobtype calls the QubeGUI executable and provides it the scenefile and other parameters. If the QubeGUI (qube.exe) cannot be found, then no dialog will come up.

    If this happens, it is likely a path issue. From the commandline, type "qube.exe". If the GUI does not come up, then it likely cannot be found from within 3ds Max. Add to your System Environment Variables the PATH to where the QubeGUI is located (either C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\bin or C:\Program Files (x86)\pfx\qube\bin). Alternatively one can adjust the script that calls the QubeGUI from within Max.

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