This class encapsulates a platform-independent image. An image can be created from data, or using wxBitmap::ConvertToImage. An image can be loaded from a file in a variety of formats, and is extensible to new formats via image format handlers. Functions are available to set and get image bits, so it can be used for basic image manipulation.


    • wxBMPHandler For loading and saving, always installed.
    • wxPNGHandler For loading (including alpha support) and saving.
    • wxJPEGHandler For loading and saving.
    • wxGIFHandler Only for loading, due to legal issues.
    • wxPCXHandler For loading and saving (see below).
    • wxPNMHandler For loading and saving (see below).
    • wxTIFFHandler For loading and saving.
    • wxIFFHandler For loading only.
    • wxXPMHandler For loading and saving.
    • wxICOHandler For loading and saving.
    • wxCURHandler For loading and saving.
    • wxANIHandler For loading only.
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